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Lincoln Service Bulletins


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I don't know who to contact about this item, but thought it might be of interest to a member of your club. I am involved with Model As, a few years ago I came across an original Lincoln Service Bulletin binder (brown) similar to the Model A binder. Included are approximatly 43 Lincoln Service Bulletins ranging from April 1924 to November 1929 which for the most part it appears to be complete for that period (it seems to only be missing a few). The bulletins are in very good condition. Also included is a pristine copy "Lincoln Service" copyrighted 1926 by the Lincoln Motor Company (book has 137 pages). I have asked several dealers at Hershey about this book and it must be very rare because they have all told me that it did not exist, yet I have one. I do not know what they are worth but would think at least as much as similar Model A items. If anyone would be interested they can contact me. Also I will be at Hershey with my 1928 Model A Phaeton in class 21A if they would like to look at the book if I still have it by then.<BR> <BR>Frank Pollack <BR>3324 Cross Country Dr<BR>Wilmington, DE 19810

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