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Modern Part Number for Series 9 B Front Wheel Bearing


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Looking for the part number for Series 9 front wheel bearing both inner and outer.


The inner bearing I removed is a Gilliam 307-Rt-100.


The series 9 parts book list the inner bearing  as a Gurney then  Gillian 3007 Roller and 1307 Cone


The outer bearing is listed as a Gurney/Gilliam  3005 Roller and 1305 Cone.


Any help will be greatly appreciated



Art Lee



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Hi Art - 


Orignal bearings are Thrust ball bearings.  You can still get them  - they are expensive. 


307 RT (100% thrust)

and #305 RT (100% thrust)


You can replace them directly with Timken Roller and race bearings. I am not certain of the numbers, but if you take the original thrust bearings to a bearing shop (or call), they can match up the Timken parts. 


I hope that helps - 


Tom Rasmussen

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