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Hey Gang, wake up

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Hi, keep looking in here to see what is happening, and it appears to be nothing, I am in the midst of a major revival of a '41 Zephyr club coupe, in need of many parts, and much mechanical rejuvenation, and looking forward to this site as being an aid to that aim, would like to correspond with anyone of like interests, on this site, or online at rolf@sasquatch.com thanks, Rolf

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I'm with you Rolf, I'll come to this web page to see what's new. I've even helped a few people that use this to get information. I'm still restoring my 48 LC. What parts you can't find. I may be able to help you locate parts. Let me know if you need any help in doing your LC. tongue.gif" border="0wink.gif" border="0

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