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Lincoln Indianapolis show car, once seen at Pebble Beach

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This orange car stunned me because I didn't remember there  Lincoln show cars from the early '50s, except for the Ghia-built Futura (that became the first Barris Batcar). Anyway in RM Auction company's description when they rolled this car through, it says


"The Indianapolis was reportedly later shown in Boston, where it sustained damage to the interior and was later acquired by Felix Duclos, of Manchester. Its history thereafter is well known and continues most prominently with Thomas Kerr, the renowned Packard collector and active Classic Car Club of America member.

Kerr remains the Indianapolis’s longest-term owner, and he was the man responsible for its rebirth. He owned it for three decades, and, during his ownership, he recognized its importance as a one-off piece of design history. Jim Cox Sr. and his son, Jim Jr., of Pennsylvania, took on the challenge of restoration."


I didn't read anywhere that it was a "barn find" but would like to know from Lincoln buffs what year Duclos found it and roughly what the sales price was at the time. Or the same about the Kerrs though by that time it might have been recognized as a valuable car and no longer a bargain. I was surprised Ford sold it because at Pebble I saw some cars older than that on the "dream car lawn"" outside the concours so why wasn't this one kept? I guess it's a matter of storage--I myself have wandered around Dearborn with a borrowed set of keys opening buildings chock full of old concept cars.


This is for a history--American chassis and Italian bodywork being my favorites.

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