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'33 PD Fuel Pump

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The mechanical fuel pump has been leaking oil so on a (finally) nice warm day I removed the pump to replace the gasket.

After a thorough cleaning I notice that the leak was not the gasket but a hole or crack in the triangular recess on the back side of the pump. The diaphragm was pumping a bit of oil out the crack.


Since I don't need the mechanical pump (have an electric pump) I cleaned it up and epoxied the recess so it wont leak. But now I need a gasket to mount the pump. Anyone have a part number that will match?


As a side note I found on the P15 forum that Airtex is making new pumps to replace the AC 588 pumps. Anyone know if these are compatible with E10 fuel?

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Those pumps are common as dirt. They were used on all CPDD vehicles as well as all GM vehicles of the 30s and 40s and maybe beyond. I wouldn't be surprised if NAPA or Carquest still has pump and gaskets instock. They did change a bit over the years though. The brass "air dome" on the early ones on the top disappeared for instance. But as far as the gaskets I just cut my own. I go to the local car parts store where they sell gasket material in sheets for both  water and oil and also manifolds. One thing I will point out in those AC pumps is the pivot for the actuation lever, the one that runs on the engine camshaft. There is a steel pin that goes through the white metal body that the arm pivots on. These pins are known to loosen and full out with time. It was about the only fault that was built in to all those pumps. You need to clean up the area around either end on the pin and secure with a small amount of JB Weld. If the pin falls out,and they do, the car with stop as soon as the carb runs out of it's last fill of fuel. And that's it! You're stuck. It's a hard fault to troubleshoot by the side of a speeding highway on a summer's afternoon. Been there,done that.          

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Bought a new Airtex pump and it looks good but have not had time to install it. Pump is rated for modern fuels according to Airtex so it should last a while. Now I will need the flex hose from frame to pump and the correct size line from pump to carb.



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