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37 Zephyr 4 Door Coupe

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Hi Bob, seems to me there are a number of factors you will have to consider in taking on this project, first, how much "sweat equity" are you capable and willing to put in to it, the more of the work you can do yourself, the more reasonable will be the final cost, I would start with the registration, apply for a lost title, find the VIN number on the car and have it verified, you can usually get a non operational title that way, in your name, and after it is running you can licence it and finish the process, Next you should determine if the engine is "froze up" or not, after 35 years, I can almost guarantee it is, and there are some tricks to freeing them up, after that, the main consideration is the extent of rust, just looked at a '37 4 door here locally, and the front floor boards are completely rusted out, this is quite expensive to restore, after that, it is body work and and paint, glass, and upholstery, and even after the engine is free, it's condition is a major factor, hope that gives you a general overview of what you are up against, Good luck!!

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I am attempting to understand somethings about the 37 Zephyr sadan I have. My grandfather gave my Pop a Zephyr back in 1959. One day my Pop and grandpa got into a spill over loosing their garage, and my dad parked the Zephyr in his corn field, right where grandpa would see it almost everyday. 35 years later my Pop gave the car to me. I put some air in the tires and loaded it on a Jerri-dan and took it home. My Pop swears it was running when it was parked, but it doesn't matter. The outside is all rusted up, the interior was home to field mice, and I'm sure the engine is damaged. The questions I have is what to do with it? <BR>Here are my questions:<BR>How can I find out what eactly do I have? The tile was lost in a house fire.<BR>What would it most likely cost to restore this guy? All that is missing is one tail light. <BR>What would a 37 Zephyr 4 door sadan be worth after being totally rebuilt. Maybe not show quality, but nice, something that I can pass onto my boys.<BR>How do I go about finding someone local, or online that can help me understand what I'm in for, and what I might be ble to do with this guy?<P>Thanks,<BR> boog@paonline.com <P>[ 07-22-2001: Message edited by: Bob Graham ]<P>[ 07-22-2001: Message edited by: Bob Graham ]<p>[ 07-22-2001: Message edited by: Bob Graham ]

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