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For those that are re-building/ restoring your lincolns I would like to share the following repair process for motor mounts and spring perch rubber mounts.<BR>I noticed on my Zephyr that the transmission mount and the spring perch rubber mounts were loose/ seperated from the metal.Sinse the rubber was still alive I decided to use a product called "POLYURETANE GLUE" Manufactured by Franklin interntional of colubus Ohio, [which we used on motor mounts at Nuclear power plants where equipment mounts became separted.<BR>As long as you make sure all grease or dirt is removed from the mount it can be applied which then must be clamped together for a minimum of 4 hours for it to cure. Note the glue is activated by a light water spray to activate the glue before clamping the parts. The product costs is about $10 dollars and much cheaper then re volcanizing your rubber mounts.<BR>Sincerely<BR>Bill Uhouse

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