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Good News - Bad News - major software upgrade to take place next week

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To fix the latest round of spam issues requires I either patch or upgrade the forum software.

  • A patch is a short term solution.
  • An upgrade is a long term solution.

I've chosen the long term solution to upgrade the software.




Like all our previous upgrades the furniture is gonna move around a bit, so the dogs will start to howl.


To be up front. People will start whining:  

  • "what was wrong with the old software?"
  • "there was nothing wrong with the old way it worked - why change!?"
  • "who authorized this change!?"
  • "hang the webmaster!"
  • "we pay him to much!"

Please - do not feed into their comments. They will go away in a week and all will be well. Move them to the forum questions forum and let them wallow there. Do not let them litter the real forums.


One BIG change I know that will piss some people off.  The new software no long supports a "display name". Your login name IS your display name.  There is nothing I can do about it, so no sense getting into a debate over it.  Its the way it is. If they don't like it... tough!


Thanks in advance.



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OK. Sounds good.


How many people use a different display name from their log in name? I was not aware that was even an option until a disgruntled member changed his display name to "Screw the BCA" a while back. I fixed that one. 

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