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main seal on 41 LC V-12

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I have a 41 Lincoln Continental Coupe with a Tom Sparks re-built V-12. Leaking oil from main seal area. Probably due to infrequent driving. Any suggestions on fixing problem other than pulling out the engine to get to it? It is also rusting on either side of the bottom of the block where it meets the oil pan. Looks like there should be freeze plugs, but there aren't any at these two points. Any recommendations, words of wisdom, advice and guidance will be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Jim Altfeld jaltfeld@altfeldinc.com Burbank, CA.

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HEY JIM, Boy you got problems Yes there are expansion plugs exackly 7 of them, and in order to reach them you must pull the pan.<BR>As far as the oil seal is concerned if the former owner modified it using a neoprene seal it could be your problem causing the oil leak. <BR>I just completed an overhaul on my Z engine and replaced all the EXPANSION plugs, I used the rope seals, which do not leak if properly installed. You can probably replace the seals, but you would have to loosen the crank MAINS to lower the crank slightly and with a wire tool they sell at the parts store you can remove the upper seal. It's not an easy job and takes time an patience.<BR>Other wise you may have to pull the engine.<P>BILL Uhouse frown.gif" border="0

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