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Zephyr Brakes

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I am going to start getting into the brakes on my 40 Zephyr. I need any and all advice and tips I can get. I don't know what they may need but I know that right now it pulls to the left when braking.

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Hi, the Bendix brakes used on '39-'48 Lincolns are state of the art for conventional drum brakes, and are normally trouble-free and reliable. Most of the time when I have experienced a pull problem, it is when the wheel cylinder has developed a small leak or seepage which causes that brake to grab, and then pull, if you do find a leaky LF cylinder, do the other 3 as well when you rebuild them, they tend to go in sets, also if your lining is saturated with brake fluid, it is best to replace the linings too, it is good insurance to replace or rebuild the Master cylinder, and replace the rubber hoses on the front wheels, and your brakes should be OK for a number of years, it is seldom necessary to turn the drums, it just shortens their life, regardless what the brake people tell you.

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