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1946 custom made lincoln


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A quick story, with a question any help would be greatly appreciated.Last night some gentlemen and I were discussing old cars. When we got on the subject of old Lincolns. My knowledge is limited on Lincolns but here is discussion. In 1946 first year after war Lincoln's production line put out some cars of which amount I do not know. Of the cars produced a handful (5 or so) were taken to a customizing shop were they chopped out the back seat,put in push button entry gave it a rag top and some other things I'm not sure of.Anyway I guess only 3 of these cars were ever put out to the public. They were given to the top 3 dealerships in the country. To which they sold or kept for themselves.My question is does this ring a bell is it true if so how many of them are left,and what would the value be on this car all original the way it was put out?This may not be totally acurate so any corrections to my info. if it is true would be appreciated also.<BR> thank you<BR> sincerely <BR> racingriffin confused.gif" border="0

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