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Hi Delson, Once again jumping into my "old curmudgeon" role, I always ask folks how they are going to drive their Zephyr, that makes them think they need an overdrive, if you live in Texas or an equivalent, where you make long frequent trips on relatively level modern highways, at high speeds, yes, a Columbia would definitely be warranted, but if you are just going to use it for an occasional journey, and mostly around town, it is not really worth the high expense. OD's are not a free ride, there is tradeoff on them, they are terrible on hills, make the car notoriously underpowered, causing frequent down shifting of either the transmission or the rearend, passing also requires downshifting, and the supposed benefits of keeping the RPM's down, may in fact promote many of the ills the V-12 is infamous for, the theory is that it is much more beneficial to let the engine "buzz" a little bit at speeds of up to about 70 MPH, will keep it free and loose and operating the way it was designed, just an opinion, certainly would be nice to have the Columbia when you wanted it, but not really necessary, just my opinion, take care-

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