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37-9 Lincoln transmission

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Hi Willie, hate to say that I really don't know for sure about the transmission and shifting arrangements on '36 to '38 Zephyrs, the one that has a crooked floor shift on a side shift type case is the '39, I at the present time know of two, one is available for sure right now, the other is a possible, check it out, and get back to me if you are still in need, good luck, here is the URL, just scroll down, there is a '39 Zephyr transmission for sale<BR>C:\WINDOWS\PROFILES\ROLF\DESKTOP\LZOC ads.url;

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Was wondering if any of you know much about the trans with the shifter located on top and to the right front of the case. I'm looking for this assembly to use as a disply piece and need to know ; what years are the same ? and where I can get one ? Thanks so much , Willie grin.gif" border="0

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