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'39 Zephyr Parts wanted

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I'm looking for interior door and window handles, etc. for my Convertible club Coupe, also 3 to 5 '16 inch Zephyr wheeles and 2 to 4 hub caps.would like to find after market "speed equipmrnt" as well.

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Vic,<BR>I recently posted an ad on the classified page of our club's web site - <A HREF="http://www.lzoc.org/members'_classifieds.htm" TARGET=_blank>http://www.lzoc.org/members'_classifieds.htm</A> - for a '39 parts car. The fellow only wants $1,250 for it, and it allegedly has a rebuilt v-12 in it. You might want to call the fellow. If it has the parts you need, you might want to buy the whole thing and sell what you don't want.<P>------------------<BR>Bob Mead<BR>Fayetteville, TN

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