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'37 LZ 4 door glass patterns needed

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Hi Flatlander, was just checking on glass for a '41 club coupe I am contemplating buying, and talked to these folks by e-mail, hope it helps, Rolf<P>trisha@crystal-glass.net<P>I am assuming that<BR>you are looking for a price on the door glass, vent glass, quarter glass and<BR>windshield. the back glass is bent (curved) and is not available locally. it<BR>is available in the midwest area. I will check to see if I have the patterns<BR>for this vehicle, pricing is as follows :<BR>Windshield $190.00<BR>Vents $79.00 each<BR>Doors $116.00 each<BR>Quarters $104.00 each<BR>All prices are installed and are 1/4" Clear laminated glass cut to pattern<BR>

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Dear Flatlander<BR> You might want to contact Sanders <BR>Reproduction Glass, P. O. Box 522, Hillsboro, Oregon, 97123 and their phone number is 503-648-9184. They have the patterns for the 1937 Zephyr four door sedan because I purchased all my glass from them in 1993. It was sometime ago, so I don't know if they are still in business.<P> Sincerely yours,<P><BR> Ralph Cheda

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