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Lost '38 Zephyr


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In 1969 I was a member of the LZOC, and then I sold the Zephyr. That brings me to a question. The car was a 1938, chocolate brown, all original with approximately 40K original miles, Denman white wall tires. I sold it to a man in West Virginia. If anyone is interested I can retrieve the name and town, but I recall he ran a bill collection agency. This car had a factory rebuilt engine with almost no miles on it and had sat in a Baltimore garage for many years before Carter Nelson, a very member of LZOC and long-time Zephyr enthusiast purchased it. The original owner had died 2 weeks after getting the new engine and then the car sat until 1963-64 when Carter bought it. After I sold it, it disappeared, never to be seen again. Does anybody know if it is in the LZOC? I don't want it back, I'm just interested to see if it survived.

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