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'38 - '39 jack

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I need printed documentation on the jack used for the '38 Zephyr and the '39 Zephyr and when the change occured. I was told that the receiver for the handle changed from a round receiver for '38 to a rectangle receiver in early '39. My '39 Limo was made Nov. 3, 1938, therefore I believe the round receiver jack is correct. I need to be able to prove this on the judging field.<BR>Thanks, Don Elson<BR>

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I'll answer my own request. Sometimes the answer is right in front of your nose but you can't see it. Looking through old copies of LZ journal, I found an article and picture of the tools for the '40. The owner's manual was mentioned. I looked in my '39 manual and there was a picture of the jack. It has the round handle receiver, so now I have my proof

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