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v-12 speed parts for sale!

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Hello, my name is Buz.I am currently in the process of having a 2x2 intake manifold cast for retail sale for the lincoln v-12.Heads and exahaust manifolds are on the drawing board. Suggestions are VERY welcome, such as 2x4,3x2,1x4,what would you like to see cast? If anyone is interested in this first run of intakes please e-mail me with questions or comments at <BR>Buzdrum@yahoo.com

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Buz,<BR>There was an entire issue of The Way of the Zephyr devoted to V-12 speed equipment (Volume 33 No.1, Jan-Feb 2000). According to the editor, the Edelbrock dual carb setup was superior because the passages from the two carbs were kept separate. It was therefore easier to keep the carbs in adjustment. The Edmunds manifold kept an open passage between the two carbs and is apparently a real bear to keep adjusted. If I were reproducing a manifold, I'd sure try to copy the Edelbrock design.<P>Also, Jon Scobel produced new cylinder heads and finned cylinder heads in 1996-97 and sold out his limited production run. These were beautifully finished units, but it says there's a market for these goodies.<P>------------------<BR>Bob Mead<BR>Fayetteville, TN

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