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Radiator: To Build or Buy?

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The radiator on my zephyr is shot. It looks like a fan blade dove into it at some point, as it has a large circle scored into the vanes on the inside.<P> In your opinions, would it be better to try to find an original radiator to replace it with, or to have it re-cored with modern components? I've heard that the V-12s can run a bit hot, does this warant new parts?<P> I'm not nearly as concerned with show quality original parts as I am with good quality functional parts (that doesn't mean I'd replace the 12 with a V8!)<P> Any ideas about the cost difference?

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Without knowing more about your specific case, it seems obvious that replacing a 50 to 60 year old radiator with a new one of upgraded and superior components would be desirable. My guess is that a show quality used radiator would be more expensive than a rebuilt, good luck

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