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New message from Doug Drake?

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Hey Jan,<P>I have also wondered what happened to the "President's Updates" after reading those of Feb. & Mar. that Doug posted. I assumed that the job of AACA President was overwhelming and maybe he just was too busy to update us.<P>If nothing else, I see that Doug has an article in the latest "Rummage Box" that can be considered an "update".<P>Like you, I assumed that the "updates" were going to be a monthly feature on the AACA webpage but, you know what they say about those who "assume"!<P>I'm sure that Doug will do all he can to supply all of us with his point of view as AACA President in between what must be a very demanding schedule of National & Regional Meets, Tours, etc... at least I hope he will. grin.gif" border="0

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Not all of our members are Internet-savvy, so I have reprinted Doug Drake's columns for them. I've gotten some nice feedback, but now I'm getting questions about when the next will appear. I don't want them to think I'm the one holding out on them!<P>Jan K.<BR>Wis Region

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