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1973 Buick Centurion convertible

Guest thirdofthree

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Guest thirdofthree

Not much to go by in the way of sales to help inform my asking price, so I've included the catch-all OBO. I imagine you all will correct me, directly or indirectly, if I'm way out of whack.  Thanks in advance!

SOLD  Asking $2,500 OBO

Chicago, IL USA

For full-size, full set of pics:


VIN 4P67T3Y221821

Maroon color, 455 V8 engine, white interior, power top, power windows, power seat. Fair condition back when I drove it regularly ~3 years ago, but I've neglected it the last few years. I've owned the vehicle for nearly 20 years. Before that, it belonged to the family of a close friend in Cleveland. I believe we're the only two owners, though I can't say definitively.

Unfortunately, the car won't fit in the garage at my new house. A new young one at home plus a higher priority on a motorcycle and I've come to the realization I simply won't spend the time or money fixing it up at this point. Would like to get it into the hands of someone who will really appreciate this amazing, if neglected, car and give it the TLC it deserves. This forum seems like the right place!

Notes / known issues from ~3 years ago:

Engine. The engine fired up like a dream 3 years ago. But I've not tried to fire it up since. The engine has not been converted to unleaded...still runs on gas with lead / lead substitute.

Electrical. The front end lights all stopped working at once.

Convertible top. The power top is in poor shape. No rips or tears to my recollection, but it doesn't seal particularly well against the top of the windshield or the tops of the windows. It's definitely missing a cross / support bar that spans the width of the top. Didn't stop the top from going up and down, but it didn't have the support it should in the middle of the top. As a result, I've only ever used the car for fair-weather cruising about town.

Rear seat. The rear seat backrest has deteriorated badly on the side that attaches to the frame of the car. It is entirely loose, though I don't have pics of it since I wired it down temporarily at some point. At any rate, the seat-backing needs to be replaced and the backrest re-affixed to the frame.

Body. There's some minor rust around the wheel wells, the worst of which is just forward of the rear driver side wheel -- and a decent sized dent in the right front quarter fore of the wheel well. See pics.

Paint. Fair to poor. Some spottiness / wear in areas, though not down to the bare metal. Surely would benefit from a paint job.

Brake lines. Yep, rodents ate through the brake lines...probably 2 winters ago. I did not install steel-braided brake lines the last time I replaced them (dumb...I should have).

Other notes. Includes convertible parade boot (two pieces) and full-size spare tire.

Feel free to contact me here on the forum via PM, or directly: bskalinder@gmail.com, 312.636.2471 (text or phone).  I'm in the Chicago area and happy to show the car to anyone who wishes to check it out.



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