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Manual for 135-137: Published!


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The H.H. Franklin Club  Library has just published a reprint of the manual for Series 135 and 137 and it is available on Amazon


Look up ISBN 9781530145515.


We went out of our way to make sure that it is the most faithful reprint possible with modern POD technology. Royalties go the The H.H. Franklin Club. The club library call number is M-29-03



Reproduction of the Original Franklin Instruction Book for Series 135 and 137 of 1929. Reprinted by The H. H. Franklin Club Library.



"The first section is primarily for car owners. It contains the complete specifications, lubricating instructions and general information for both Series One-Thirty-Five and Series One-Thirty-Seven Cars. "The second section is primarily for the mechanic. It describes in detail the various parts of the car and instructs in the best method of making repairs and adjustments. A general index is at the back of the book."


From a January 1, 1929 Edition, 90 pages 7" x 9.5" .

[End Description]

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