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Stutz on Chasing Classic cars

Stutz in the UK

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One of my friends was in the USA last year and told me (with some photos) that the Car Show, Chasing Classic cars guy Wayne Carini won a prize with his Stutz 1917/18


Does anyone have any more information and is there a link to view this show.


I am in the UK and we haven't had the latest series shown here



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The episode is on Discovery Turbo several times this week in the UK. Do a google search on it to get the exact times,. According to my father, it's very good.


Are you out and about this year, Stutz in the UK? Our Bearcat will be competing at VSCC Curborough, Shelsley Walsh, Harewood, Prescott and Loton Park, and racing at VSCC Oulton Park and Mallory Park. If you go to any of those events, come and say hello, as there aren't many of us Stutz people in England!

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Hi Jonathan, thank you for this information.


That was spooky, I went on to Discovery Turbo and it was the next programme to start!


We have loads of events planned this year, it would be good to meet up


What car do you have, sounds like you are competing?  We have a 1917 Roadster - PM me



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