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For Sale- 1926 Paige 2 door sedan

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For Sale, All original, unrestored 1926 Paige 2 door sedan. Nice original interior, Original 3 tone paint. 6 cylinder Continental engine. Original  4 wheel hyd. brakes. Original throughout. Does NOT need restoring. Runs good. $11,000 OBO. First time on here, do not know how to put pictures on. Call me if you are interested and I will send pictures. No texting. 507 458 6778.

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What is a Paige?  I have heard the name but know nothing about them.

Quality car from Detroit, Jewett was also part of them (named after company president at the time) - around 1927 - the Graham Bros bought the company - (Graham-Paige of course.)


The Paige-Daytona 6 was a 'roaring twenties' type of roadster - they are pretty neat! They had an extra seat in a drawer gizmo that pulled out of the passenger side. I'm sure there are pictures of one somewhere on line or in books.


I like the little window 'awnings' on this sedan - reminds me of Mr. Hooper's store!

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I also saw this car just after Bob got it about 2 years ago.  Really a cool car, and the interior is very nice original.  Dashboard looks very rich.  I wanted a 4-door sedan and this is a 2-door, but I think someone would be very happy with it.  I think about it often and look at the pics I took often - see below






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I wish my Paige looked this nice. If I live long enough, maybe I can get get mine put together. This one looks like a very nice preservation vehicle.

Paige, and Jewett were among the hundreds of "also ran"s built in the '10s and 1920s. Paige had a rich and good history, and deserves to be remembered a lot more than they are. They turned a profit almost every year they were produced. This was a feat accomplished by only a few companies in those years where most producers went belly-up in under five years (and sometimes two or thee times). Paige was named the ninth largest producer of automobiles in America for one year. Another major accomplishment. Consider some the companies that beat them that year. Ford, all of General Motors, Chrysler, Dodge (then still separate), all of Willys Overland, all of Durant (including Star), Hudson/Essex. Off the top of my head? I do not know who number eight was.

Paige Detroit Motor Car Company sold out to the Graham Brothers only because Harry Jewett had made his third or fourth fortune and in his 60s, was well ready to retire. Since the company had flourished so well for so many years under his guidance, nobody in the company wanted to try to fill his shoes. Additional problems were that General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler were buying up a lot of the Detroit area supply and production companies, and Paige had suffered production delays for a couple years because the companies that supplied most of their parts were disappearing. The Graham Brothers had just benefited from a huge settlement from the sale of Dodge to Chrysler (through a couple other sale attempts that failed),  but which they had owned a lot of stock in. The Graham Brothers had wanted to continue producing automobiles, a step up from the production of trucks in partnership with Dodge. Taking over Paige seemed like the perfect fit to them. For about two years.


Good luck with the sale of this car! I hope it gets a good caretaker. Sadly, I cannot be in the market to buy anything right now. Unless the owner wants to trade it for my model T coupe? (Not likely) And the shipping cost would probably kill it both ways.

Drive carefully, and enjoy, W2

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22 hours ago, kking15 said:

... I it is really an HPOF car, nice enough to be a daily driver.... 


I agree:  An interesting car, and if it's mostly original,

great for the HPOF class.  But do you really think someone

would be driving this car daily and commuting in it?  

Do you know people in your experience who commute in 90-year-old cars?

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16 minutes ago, parrts said:


He is asking " Hello, I am from Argentina, I have a very original 1927 Paige coupe and I do not see any on the internet. possible quote, could get to sell. Thank you."


He may need to provide pictures also for an answer. 


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Pardon me for becoming paranoid. But I have stumbled into two of Juan Ramon's three postings. Appears he has a few very rare cars for sale.  He has dredged up this old Paige for sale ad and an unknown maybe Auburn project ad, adding in his own for sale maybe onto them. Maybe I should look for number three? The "maybe Auburn" addition includes a '32 Boat-tail.

One should wonder?

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