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Welcome to the "Buick - Pre War" forum

Post questions and share your knowledge of chassis, engine, body and trim technical and restoration issues here. Covers all years of Pre War Buicks, 1903 to 1942. Please include the year and model of the car and the general nature of the question in the Title.... this helps filter based on series and makes it easier for others to do a "Search" later in case they have a similar issue.

Please consider posting subjects of a more general nature for these years in the General Forum so that all Forum members might learn more about their greatness.

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Excerpt from the application to create a BCA Pre-War Division as submitted to the BCA Board of Directors and approved at the July 2005 meeting in Batavia.


Buick Club of America Pre-War Division


           The primary purpose of the new division is to encourage the participation of Pre-World War II Buicks in BCA events and tours.  The secondary purpose is to provide a forum within the BCA for owners of pre-war Buicks. 

            The division founders were concerned about the lack of participation from cars built prior to WWII.  We suspect this is because most BCA tours are designed for the go-fast cars of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.  We hope to encourage tours designed for older, slower Buicks.  Some chapters are already doing this, but many are not.  We hope that a new division will provide a forum for organizing tours and events designed for older Buicks.  

            The Pre-War Division will be entirely Internet based.  We will work within existing chapters to encourage participation for owners of pre-war Buicks.  We will not hold formal Pre-War Division meetings nor will we publish a hard-copy newsletter.  Without meetings or magazines, we anticipate no need for dues, secretaries or treasurers.  Membership in the Pre-War Division will be free.  Membership in the BCA is the only requirement, and membership in a local chapter is strongly encouraged. If you want to join, just e-mail the PWD Membership Chairman Dave Stovall at david444@verizon.net  with your email and physical address along with your BCA number and a listing of your prewar car(s). 


You can’t beat the price; It's Free for BCA members!


You can check out the official Pre-War Division website here >   The Buick Club of America Pre-War Division Website


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