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Mounting an early 30's GM Body - 1932 Pontiac Sport Coupe

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I posted this on the Technical Forum but with no help.  Do any of my flathead friends have any advice?


I need help on how to mount the body of my 1932 Pontiac Sport Coupe.  The body bolts to the top of the frame at the firewall, and first door pillar.  There is mount that attaches to the side of the frame just rear of the back door pillar.  The rear mount is a metal bracket that bolts on the top of the frame.  Each mounting point had a pad that was approximately 3" x 2" by 1/8" thick.  My questions is what is used, specifically where the splash apron is installed.  I have some 1/8" think by 2" webbing material that I plan to use between the splash apron and frame.  I was also thinking of using another piece between the splash apron and body.  I don't know if this plan is correct.   Any help or pointing me to some reference that would describe the process would be quite helpful.



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