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Reatta in Buick Beagle


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Dave I would love to have it if possible - if still available and you can send please let me know how much and an address to send shipping costs and any other fees.  Brenda (Car Girl) and I were friends when I was posting and I would like to contact her again if possible.  I am re uping my memberships etc and getting back into the hobby (had some medical issues for a while).


My email addy is jnicwalker@aol.com


Thanks Dave,



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I do not remember if it was mentioned when she announced here that she purchased it.......but it appears to be a pin stripe delete car.


One GM document shows 110 white convertibles built, however the most I can find is 109.

75 of the white convertibles had red interior.

10 white/red convertibles were "donated" cars and should never be titled.

Most had white tops...2 had black tops

There were 2 white convertibles built with the "select 60" interior...white seats and red trim, they were 900381 & 900616

Two other white convertibles had the white seats and blue trim, they were 900372 & 900615

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