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89 Chrysler TC 16 Valve For Sale

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89 Chrysler TC for sale, 16 valve, 5 speed, 54,906 miles, New brake accumulator from TC Parts, reman calipers all around, new rotors and pads, ran two big bottles of brake fluid through system, new exhaust manifold gaskets and studs.  Bought at estate sale back in 2010 and was not driven since 2005, owners stated starter must be bad but I found aftermarket alarm was not allowing the starter relay to energize.  Only drove a few hundred miles last summer after repairs because it has an oil leak coming from valve cover and I wanted to repair the odometer.  It quite working after I started driving it and reset the trip odometer.  I have pics of mileage when I got the car (54,899) and current. The tires are new (tread depth) but are starting to get cracks.  Looks to be the second set of tires because I can only find witness marks from original wheel weights.  I can not find any rust on the car, interior is clean and leather seats ok, little faded, dash is good.  Exterior paint is shiny but trunk lid had some paint fade.  Have receipts for all parts.  $5,000 OBO  Email me for more information and pics, csager72@gmail.com












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I'm not currently adding to my collection(but if I were I'd be looking for a black or Royal Cabernet car like yours B)  )  but I'll point out a couple things that could help you sell it. In 1990 the TC's received  SUBSTANTIAL improvements and upgrades over the 89 model year.  The biggest improvement of course was the addition of and airbag steering wheel but there were also NUMEROUS smaller desireable upgrades.  Your car as a 'late build' 89 has many of those.  Probably the most important thing to the 'Big Power' guys(as you know the 16V motor is everything to some collectors such as myself) is the "common block" engine that was shared with the then new 2.5l displacement motor. The block was much stiffer and was outfitted with a different forged crankshaft.  Some of the other late build improvements you have are a K frame with two pivot points instead of one and a stub strut rear bolt. I've added just that frame to earlier cars and can tell you it is a noticeably better handling/driving car after that. There are a bunch of smaller upgrades like higher quality(safer) fuel lines that go *around* the valve cover instead the annoying over the top lines. Trim bits as well, fabric speaker covers instead of goofy fuzzy ones, rubber strut covers instead of crack prone and less attractive plastic 'dinner plate' styles. the list goes on, take away is that you have a late build Common Block equipped 89 B)


I do know a few guys nationally into 16V cars, maybe post where the car is located?

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