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Newest Edition of Automobile Quarterly "The Buick" Book?


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I think "The Buick:  A Complete History" by Terry Dunham

and Lawrence Gustin really is the most complete history

of the marque.  What is the newest version published?

How does it differ from my edition that is dated 1992?


For years I had the 1980 version, and only recently

picked up the 1992 edition (used) for a very modest price.

That 1992 edition has probably 50 added pages that

weren't in the 1980 version, and it was interesting to

read newer developments.


I suspect there's a version newer still---

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I suspect the major difference is new information added that brings it up to date for the newer vehicles....since it is about Buicks.

It would also give them a chance to correct or add anything that might needed, or new info since the last printing.


The newest I own is the 1997 (5th edition).    Does the new one have production number for the newer Buicks up to 2002 date?


The last BCA roster had Buick models listed up to 2014 but there were no production numbers after 2002...... I sent the BCA office the production numbers last fall, hopefully they will be included in the next


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The Sixth Edition is the last one published with a copyrighted 2002 year. It includes production numbers for the 2002 Models and has the Selected Specs for the 2003 Model Year Buicks. Last page is noted as #599.


Supposedly Terry and Larry were autographing these at the Flint 2003 Buick Centennial Celebration. It's a well written reference book even though I caught a glaring mistake on the total 1954 Buick Skylark production run number in the text portion. The specs in the back of the Book have the correct production run totals.  Maybe it'll be corrected in the Seventh Edition. :rolleyes:  



Al Malachowski

BCA #8965

"500 Miles West of Flint"

Edited by 1953mack (see edit history)
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