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six volt overdrive solenoid


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I am having trouble finding a six volt overdrive solenoid for our 1952 Vicky which has made many AACA Tours.  This is the elctric powered solenoid on the side of the transmission that forces the pawl into the ring gear,  Does anyone make a mechanical adaptor that would do this?  I am thinking a push/pull lever - possibly by modifing one of the electric solenoids.  We are getting desperate as touring season is rapidly approaching and this is one of our favorite touring vehicles.  Any help would be geatly appreciated.


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After going through three used 6V solenoids on my '29 Cadillac, I bought a brand new one from this place: http://www.fifthaveinternetgarage.com/overdrive_parts.php


It's new, not used. Pricey, but it was far more reliable and less affected by heat soak. It actually worked well and I don't think my problems are related to the solenoid itself, but it was never 100% reliable.


Still, it finally stopped working completely last summer. I am in the process of retrofitting a mechanical pawl mechanism like you describe to replace the solenoid. I will likely have 5-10 extras made at the machine shop. It will use a cable to activate the overdrive and a second cable on the clutch pedal to deactivate it, essentially pulling the pawl in and out of the overdrive the way the solenoid does.


I blame most of my overdrive problems on the fact that it was never designed to work in a 1929 Cadillac, so it's neither the mechanism's fault nor Lloyd Young's. The solenoid ended up being pretty close to the muffler, and even with a lot of heat shielding, I think it just got too hot. Since your car is designed to use the overdrive and probably doesn't have that issue, I bet one of these new solenoids would get you back on the road with the least amount of fuss.

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