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If you need parts for your car, or accessories, advice, encouragement or just want to see what it SHOULD look like, come to the SWAP MEET on Sunday morning at the 19th Annual Pacific Southwest Zone Meet in Ventura on April 19, 20 and 21st. <P>Besides the swap meet, the group will be touring the SeaBee's Museum on Friday, driving along the old Coast Road up to Santa Barbara on Saturday - stopping of course, for a sumptuous catered meal served on the massive patio of one of our members over looking the Blue Pacific - the Mission Santa Barbara and a leisurely drive back to Ventura along back country roads. A dinner at The Pacific Corinthian Yacht Club (yeah, awards, etc.) and then, after a good night's sleep so your mind is clear and sharp, haggling for those treasures at Sunday morning's swap meet. Slow Drag races, and who knows what else can happen, and generally does, on Sunday morning.<P>Call Neil Shepard at 818-886-4034 for details and a registration form. <P>DON'T MISS THIS ONE!!

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