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I'm pretty good with  figuring out  jacks , but this one has me stumped.


stamped base, screw jack, flip top, .


but the top has only one 'hook' and it's designed that way, it's not that the second one is broken.


I cant quite see how this might work, or what it would fit.


any hints?




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Dual purpose? For front or rear wheels? The curved part might be designated to fit under the rear axle? Either side.

Flip the curved part out of the way for lifting either front wheel.

Likely a factory issue for a specific make, which one?  That's a hard one.

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It's definitely a 35-36 Ford jack. there might be slight differences between the 2 years. When they lowered the body after the Model A years they ended up with 2 different heights of the axles so one size couldn't fit all. I've always wondered why the top doesn't have another side but when you flip it down it results in 2 possibilities.



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