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NOS 1973-1979 BUICK Upper Radiator Hose.

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I have an NOS Buick upper radiator hose for sale. It is Group # 1.159, Part # 1252781. It has had good storage over the years. There are no issues with it. It is clearly marked with the Buick part number. This hose was discontinued by Buick in June, 1996.

This GM NOS hose fits:

-1973 Buick, all 350 and 455

-1974, all 455

-1974 Buick, all A and B bodies

-1975 Buick, All 350 and 455

-1976 Buick, all 350 and 455

-1977 Buick, 350, H and J engine codes

-1978 Buick, 350, X engine code

-1979 Buick, 350, X engine code

The price is $35, plus the actual cost of shipping. Thanks for looking. John



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