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1947 Buick radio and grille

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1947 Buick radio $100.00.


1947 Buick radio grille $100.


Both in good condition.



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Hi how are you?

My name is Nahuel I'm working in a '47 Super convertible restoration. If there´s no problem could you take a couple of detailed photos of both radio knobs and the five B-U-I-C-K radio stations buttons? If they're nice and if it's ok for you, I'm willing to pay the u$s100, but just for the knobs, the metallic selectors behind the knobs, the five BUICK buttons and the speaker rubber seal. That way you get all the money and you can sell the remaining parts of the radio. I Propose this because I live in Argentina and I can't bring all the entire radio. Anyway, I have a PO Box in Miami where I send all the items I'm getting. I can pay by PayPal. Well, think about and you tell me. Thank you!!!

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Hi! I saw those knobs and are fine for me. If it´s ok to you, tell me how to pay you by Paypal and then you ship me the differents knobs i´m interested of. I attach a picture of the things I need, please tell me the final price with the shipment included. The PO Box adress is: 

2829 Bird Ave. Ste. 5
33133 Miami

I wait for your reply.


Thank you.


Buick 47 radio.jpg

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