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WTB Set of 9.50X14 tires??

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Guys, I'd like to find a nice set of 9.50X14 or 9.00X14 whitewalls for my '61 Lincoln.  Yes I know they are available from Mr. Coker and others but I have about 1,300 reasons why I'd like to find a set of good used bias-ply tires with 2 1/2" whitewall.  YES I know radials are much better tire and yes I know you can buy radials that look like bias-plys.  Many times over the years I found tires that someone was selling because the original bias-ply tires had poor driving charistics and the owner went the radial way.  My Lincoln will go about 200 miles a year.  Just thought I would ask.  John @ 847-997-9944 and I travel a good deal in the Midwest and would pick them up.  Thanks guys!

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