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WTB 1932 Buick hood hinge strap

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My hood hinge strap on my 32 67S was literally ripped open by the force of opening the drivers side of the hood a while back when we did not realize the front stop in the hinge strap had come loose.  I had the strap brazed and rechromed but it is not looking right ( the chrome is already peeling off) and the repair was not that good.  


I am looking for an original hood strap with or with the interior stops in place that I can have rechromed.  I have a repro strap but it is not the quality or correct profile of the original and I am afraid the hood would not operate correctly if I tried to use it.


I believe an 80/90 series hood strap could work if cut down in length as the strap tapers from front (narrower) to back (wider) and perhaps I could shorten it for the 60 series.  I would consider any option including a strap still attached to a hood which is not salvageable but the strap is,  Let me know what you might have .  


Thanks in advance for options, suggestions etc.


Chuck Nixon

817 233 1470





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I believe from your pics and description that you are talking about the strip that runs down the center of the hood that the hinge strips slide into. If so, this is a common problem on prewar Cadillac's as well. The solution is sold by Steele Rubber Products. P/N 70-0045-42 is the Hood Hinge Top Strap Pivot at $149.40, and P/N 70-0036-42 is a pair of Pinless Hood Hinge Side Strips that fit the first piece ($230.30/pr.). All parts are stainless steel and can easily be polished to a chrome like appearance using a standard polishing wheel.

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