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1948 Chrysler Lock


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You will have to remove the interior door panel.

There should be a sheet metal 2 pronged fork that holds the lock against the inside of the door skin.

Slide it away from the lock by pushing (tapping) on the tab. Then remove the rod from the lock.

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On that car all you need to do is open the door and look on the end of the door near the lock. There will be a set screw that holds the lock. Its in a small hole right next to the lock.

Sometimes one may need to take the door panel off and apply a little heat, but if its an allan head probably not, if its a flat head be careful to get a good bite so as not to ruin the slot.

Once it budges it will come right out.

Then wiggle the surround of the lock outside with your fingernails to break the dirt. Usually the lock will be loose.

I probably have some of those locks around here, maybe even with keys.


I am assuming you are working on the Windsor mentioned.

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