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1970 Mach 1 - Not for Sale


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My long time friend's Dad bought this car new (somewhat at his son's insistence).


Living in a small town it did not accumulate many miles and was always garaged. When my buddy started to drive and his dad finally consented to letting him drive it, the stories I could tell....

I only have this shot but have asked for more as I heard that there is a story behind the paint code on her but want to confirm first. It is all original except the polyglass raised white lettered tires. It has something like only 40,000 miles. 

My buddy's dad passed away many years ago, his wife didn't take it out much after that and sat in the garage till last summer. At that time the car was brought out to go over everything including new tires and she is alive and on the road again!  :)


I will say at 17 years old, cars and male testosterone make for funny thinking. I made a valiant effort with my 4,000lb '58 Buick trying to keep up with that 351 Cleveland! LOL

I will post more when I get pictures.


NO it is NOT for sale, just sharing as my buddy's son has inherited what is a one owner Mach 1 and not enough money in the world to give up his grandfathers car.

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I don't follow muscle cars much myself, but

any car with the same family ownership for that long 

makes an interesting story.


Hope the new owner treats it with respect.

If "at 17 years old, cars and male testosterone make for

funny thinking," let's hope this one has his head on straight!


Tell us more!

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Will tell more as my buddy gets back to me. He is on the road most of the time in sales so a bit tardy getting together.

I've known this car since new and could swear on it's authenticity as required. 

My buddies son has a good head on his shoulders (in his early 30's) and sure he will be the perfect care taker of this remarkable car.


More as soon as I can.


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My buddy is really teasing me by sending only one more picture but here it is.



This was taken some time last summer after tuning everything up and new tires.

Just to refresh, the car was purchased new in 1970. It is powered by the 351 Cleveland V8 with 4 barrel carb and the shaker hood option. Being the Mach 1 model it has the rocker mouldings stating such and the mat black hood decals. The transmission is an automatic with shifter in the floor console. They also have the original sheet from the local Ford Dealer.


I mentioned that his dad bought the car somewhat at my buddy's insistence. Part of the reason of course is boys and their toys thinking coming into play but....

Imagine having an everyday car which was a 1960 Ford Falcon 2 door sedan. :rolleyes:

You can imagine the pressure to be the cool dad right?

Both his Mom & Dad were like my second parents.....

Needless to say I lived vicariously through having a friend with this kind of car. B)


Hoping to get more showing under the hood and the interior.

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