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The Insiders Guide to the Ford Model T

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Hi there fellow Model T'ers :)

Thankyou so much to everyone for their support over the past few years. In recognition of this, it's time for me to contribute something back to the Model T community...

The much anticipated DVD, containing all the most asked-for material is finally here...

In The Insiders Guide to the Ford Model T, you’ll discover what you need to know about starting your Model T safely, basic maintenance and how to drive your Ford Model T.


You’ll Discover...


> How to Drive the Model T

> Model T Ford Revisited

> Starting From Cold

> A Closer Look: Transmission

> A Closer Look: Handbrake

> A Closer Look: Coil Boxes

> A Closer Look: Tyre & Rim Safety

> Replacing Transmission Band Linings


*You will receive the DVD encoded to the correct format for your country.


Format: DVD, Duration: 145 Minutes, Language: English, Aspect Ratio: 16:9


Head over to the website, and click the DVD link on the homepage to check it out...


You can watch the trailer here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZfWYES9rddY


Please subscribe to my channel to stay updated!


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