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1929 President 8

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I need working gauges, gas cap, two hub caps, carburetor overhaul kit, long bar behind rear bumper, cowl light wire cover, retainers for door and window handles (small spring to keep handles on) plastic echelons behind window handles, Proper radiator cap ornament, others. <BR>Anyone having these parts, or know where they can be obtained, please advise.<BR>send responses to djtepera@pdq.net

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Congratulations on your Studebaker. I don`t have any spare parts, but I`ll keep you in mind. I`m hunting some stuff for my 29 President too. I`ll let you kmow if I rum across what you need. If you find stuff you don`t need pass along the info. please. I recently found a radiator cap for mine, but parts are scarce in mid.Missouri for old Studebakers. I`ve found some stuff on e-bay motors. Thanks,Gary. kgn@advertisnet.com

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