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1931 Cadillac Parts Wanted


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Need the following parts to complete the restoration of a 1931 Cadillac 355A Convertible Coupe:


1) Crank hole cover

2) Battery Box 

3) 2 Interior Door Handles

4) Chrome front Bumper caps

5) Pair of posts that attach to front of the doors

6) 2 very nice hubcaps

7) Removable bars that go across the top of the side windows when the convertible top is up

8)) Long engine splash pan on driver's side

9) 1 metal faux wood grain insert for the dash panel

10) some of the headlight, horn, throttle parts in the center of the steering wheel

11) pair of side aprons that go between the running boards and the bottom of the doors


Engine has been rebuilt, chassis restored, body back on frame and ready for paint next week. Most chrome back from plating. Reassembly will begin shortly, Any leads on the above parts appreciated.

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Mike Butters 905-372-6926 does great work. Talking to him last week doing work for Europe and Australia V16 parts. Made the parts for the V16 at Hershey show last year that also one first place at the 16 cyl. CCCA show last month. He may have your handles and bumper parts.

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