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1951 Le Sabre concept inspired Manta Ray

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Aw! Come on guys, put yourself back in the '50's with the dawning of the jet age.  The Korean War  - our F86 Sabre jets knocking the Soviet's MIG-15's out of the sky right and left.  Get into the spirit of the times.

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Aw, come on, guys, it's taken out of context. 1959 was when I bought my first Rod & Custom Magazine (the one with the yellow coupes) and my Mother's cousin was still driving his '32 Ford into town.


It was 13 years after WWII and even though all the guys who hung around lying that "they were a fighter pilot in the war"  were fading out;and that's pretty much who they built cars for, at least showy ones.


Updating it a few years and it has all the style of a Jaguar XK8, you know, the Taurus convertible or was it a Contour.


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