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455 Buick Engine parts - Selling as a LOT

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Trying to sell as a LOT to 455 enthusiasts.


I find it necessary to liquidate all my remaining 455 Buick parts inventory.

I prefer to sell as a lot to someone who is interested in building these motors.

Retirement, health, etc dictate an end to my pastime of rebuilding these nice motors!
44 year BCA member. BCA number 2954.

Hope I'm not breaking any rules here, so here goes:

These parts are from 72, 73, and 76 engines.

3- timing covers; all good with no strip outs or cracks. Degreased and unpainted. one has a new
T/A seal in to replace the rope. One has had the rope retainer removed. One still has the rope in it.

2- Oil pans
1- Distributor
1- set of 1976 rods
1- single groove water pump pulley
1- two groove water pump pulley
2- 3 groove crank pulleys
2- harmonic balancers with correct bolts
2- pairs of valve covers
72- air pump
1- aluminum P/S pump bracket with pump 
1- 7 blade clutching fan
1- 76 A/C compressor
4 good used motor mounts
3 starters
2 Alternators
heat shields from a 76 motor
1- 76 intake manifold

Lots of assembly bolts, bracketry, and hardware for oil pans, timing covers, intakes, etc.
One new and one used oil pump with lots of new rebuild parts and gaskets.
Some new valves, valve springs, seals, go with the lot.
There's some other small part that will all go with the lot,too.

I am pricing all the above for $450; provided the buyer takes EVERYTHING at sale time. I am about
60 miles west of Chicago. If you are actively building 455s then I hope you'll take advantage of this
collection of parts as a lot. I am moving on......

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