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Family resemblance


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The weather is clear and earlier rains have washed any remnants of salt from the roads, so I thought I'd take the '37 coupe and the '38 K out for a spin.


Parking them by each other you can see the resemblance, although the K is *a lot* larger. Interestingly, besides the '36-'37 headlights, the '38 K has '37 Zephyr dash knobs and '38 door handles and window cranks, but that's about all they have in common.


I'm obviously biased, but the styling of the late 30's Lincoln line-up is hard to beat ;)


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Super nice pair of mid thirties Lincolns!!! How do you compare the drive experiences?

Thanks -- I do need to write up a comparison sometime, keeping in mind that the Zephyr was restored about 7 years ago while the K has just been fixed as needed. Quick impression -- the Zephyr is much higher revving,much nimbler, but no where near the torque and power. The K is huge (nearly a ton heavier), a bit more to steer at low speeds, but the engine so smooth you can barely hear it at idle and the power just builds.



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