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64 Lower Rear Seat frame question


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My original seat frame was toast so I was able to find another one.  I am cleaning the replacement up and getting ready to re-upholster.  In the process of comparing and measuring, I'm seeing one small difference between the two different frames.  I think the new frame may be from a 65.  Everything else measurement wise seems to line up.  


The two brackets in the middle where the center panel or armrest goes, is slightly different on my original frame.  On the original, the two brackets were bent/curved downward towards the back of the seat/trunk where on the replacement frame these two brackets stick straight up.  I included pictures below for reference.  


Does anyone know if this is going to cause me any fitment issues?  The center panel that goes between the two seats still seems to fit fine.  I just wanted to double check before putting the new backing and foam on there.  If I have to do any bending or grinding, would be better to do it now.




Old/Original Frame

20160129 162747

Replacement Frame

20160129 162740

Replacement on left, Original Frame on the right

20160129 162731

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as far as I can tell the reason for this difference is to accommodate the optional armrest that was available in 65.  At some point maybe I will add an armrest in my 64 if I can find one for a decent price.  I went ahead and stripped it down and painted the frame so hopefully there won't be any fitment issues.  

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