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BEWARE of Walter Miller (Literature Vendor)

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<BR> BEWARE of Walter Miller's Automotive Literature company. They are<BR> unethical and are liars.<P> (The following is a lesson in "Buyer Beware"---especially on eBay!)<P> I bid on a Buick showroom album Walter Miller's AutoLit.com was selling on<BR> eBay. There were NO pix, but it was described as "Excellent" and also had<BR> a "no questions asked" refund policy. How could I go wrong, I<BR> thought--especially since I'd dealt with Miller successfully before. I should<BR> have looked at the feedback closer--sure he's got thousands of "+"<BR> comments, but also has dozens and dozens of NEGATIVES!! <P> To make a long story shorter: I paid immediately after auction with PayPal<BR> (credit card). Got the item, and it was JUNK. I mean it was water-logged,<BR> had mold all over it, and smelled so bad I had to put it in the garage!!<P> I promptly emailed them, and was told to return the item and for either a<BR> refund or replacement. I acknowledged, thanked them for the choice,<BR> stated that I wanted the REFUND, and mailed the book back (at my<BR> expense).<P> Then, wait, and wait, and wait. No answer to repeated emails. Finally,<BR> after several weeks, they tell me they're sending out another showroom<BR> album--this time a "really nice one".<P> I told 'em AGAIN that I just wanted a refund, and would sure appreciate<BR> the shipping fees, too. But, in spite of my CLEAR direction, they sent the<BR> other book out to me anyways.<P> Of course, I refused delivery of the second book and sent more emails.<BR> Finally got a refund check covering original price and shipping, but not<BR> return shipping. I was just glad "it" was over.<P> Well, I suppose I could have left things alone, but instead I felt an<BR> OBLIGATION to comment on this behavior in the eBay feedback forum. I<BR> left a NEGATIVE comment (the first I've had to leave in my 2 years on<BR> eBay!) that was NOT hostile, but was ACCURATE. I stated Miller's<BR> reluctance to refund $,and how it took 5 weeks overall to resolve.<P> Next thing I know, the dirty rats left "sour grapes" negative feedback that<BR> was an out and out LIE. They stated that I was a deadbeat bidder that<BR> bid on the item, but did not buy it!! Big nerve, huh? There goes my<BR> "flawless" eBay feedback record.<P> Would I do it again (the feedback)? Darn right, I would. Maybe my<BR> comment will help just ONE poor auto buff from getting the Miller<BR> run-around.<P> I'll get off my soapbox to say that in my 20 years of buying/selling/trading<BR> cars, car parts, and "automobilia", I've dealt with hundreds of people.<BR> Many of them were complete strangers. In this entire time, I could count<BR> my "bad" experiences on half of one hand. I'm just sorry to have to add<BR> Walter Miller to that count.<BR><P>------------------<BR>Greg Cockerill<BR>BCA #36864<BR>1970 Electra convertible

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