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1932 Nash 1070

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So several years ago my father took this:


and turned it into this:


I am now the care taker as I don't think it will ever be "mine". I estimate the car to have less than 5k on the engine rebuild, actually closer to 2k would correct. After taking it out of state for a family function and the engine performing poorly fouling a set of brand new plugs in less than 100 miles. Once we had the car back home I performed a compression test on it and found readings as low as 40 and as high as 65. Decided a re-ring was in order as I assumed the car sat too much early on and was never broken in correctly. 
Pulled the engine out and pulled it apart to clean and check everything and that is when the fun began....
I do remember him telling me what he had done to it, new wrist pins, new timing chain, rods machined for insert bearings, new babbit poured for the nine main bearings. I should have taken notes what some of these items fit as I cannot find them......
I would also like to go back to the original machine shop to find out what they did but lets face it, that guy was old in 1963 when dad had the work done.....
I digress. 
New semi finished pistons sourced from the east cost, shipped to southwest for finishing and shipped back to me. Delivered these with the block to local machinist for finish hone to fit. Finally sourced a set of rings and wrist pins but no wrist pin bushings..... Dad replaced the originals with 0.010 over sized so I am reusing those slightly used ones again and have had the pistons honed to fit.  I have yet to find a source for replacement insert bearings but the have minimal wear so they are going back in. the mains are good to go. 
will post pictures soon as re-assembly starts tonight. 



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Hi Chad, I was looking at old Nash related posts, and you once were going to change the gear ratio on your 1070 because you said it was busy at 50mph?


I looked up in a book, and your car was said to be 4.44 ratio, and my 6 cyl 1060 is 4.73.   So, I know my setup won't work in today's defensive driving.



I am pretty sure I should go with changing the entire center gear carrier  to a modern one, which would require having new axle shafts made, which are not really too costly in the scheme of things today.  I can't do an inline OD unit, because if I get slower on a hill, I'd be back in the breakdown lane over revving, if I shift back to normal


.  So I feel a 3.25 to 3.50 would be best for my 70HP motor.  ...and hopefully, not having to downshift on a normal hill



have you done yours yet?  In case you found a solution..?



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