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Newbie looking for advice

Cajun Ty

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CAJUN TY, - from Marty in Metairie, and a member of the Louisiana Region, and of the LAGNIAPPE (Houma) and the St. Bernard Chapters


First, congratulations and good luck with your project. Working with our kids is great bonding and great therapy


Welcome to the FORUM, 


WE have seven local Chapters of Louisiana Region of AACA.

Houma - Lagniappe

Evangeline - Lafayette

Contraband - Lake Charles

CENLA - Alexandria

Baton Rouge

St. Bernard



We have many local activities throughout the year at each Chapter's option, as well as a State-wide event hosted by each Chapter every year.

We also have many members throughout the area who are pleased to share their expertise and experience, as well as to share some good Cajun food.

...and to get together to "PASS A GOOD TIME"


"Laissez Bon Temps Rouller"


Contact me anytime










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I'm glad that you bought the car! The first thing I would do is get the engine to run and then replace the water pump. A running car is more fun to play with. If the cooling system holds pressure, you're home free. If not, and you discover that the block is cracked, just get another engine. A 289 should bolt right in if you can't find another 260. They're plentiful and relatively cheap. Good luck and keep us posted of your progress. It's a cool car! Larry W

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