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1932 Chevrolet Wagon with Hercules Built Body

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  • 2 weeks later...

Looks like a 1931 to me.

Hi. We strive to be as accurate as possible, though sometimes things fall through the cracks. What are the stand-out features/characteristics that lead you to believe this is a 1931?  


Thanks for your comment.


-Matthew Hocker

Assistant Librarian

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I guess there may have been both designs available in 1932. One with the 1931 style radiator shell and one with the 1932 Confederate style shell. This is what I thought was the only 1932 style....


Hi again. I will step in for Matt as I originally posted this to our tumblr page. This image came out of a Hercules Coachbuilder brochure for 1932 Chevy Trucks. See the image below. Sorry for any confusion. Thanks for keeping us on our toes though. - Mike



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