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Wanted To Buy: Featherweight 4916 Closed Car Trailer

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Wanted:  A 20' or 22' long closed Featherlite Car Hauling Trailer, Model 4926.  Must be 7' tall inside.  The 6'6" trailers are not high enough.  Our 1925 Stanley is taller than 6'6".


I live in Dallas, TX, but travel a great deal.



Thanks for your help!


Don Hoke  (972) 955-7614.


Do visit the Virtual Steam Car Museum!


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Check the door height not the inside height. To get 7 foot 3 inch door height I had to get a trailer that was 8 foot inside height.

This is sound advice. Door hight is almost always less than inside hight. The only exceptions I have seen had very high floors and beaver tails that drug on the ground.

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Thanks, Gentlemen!  Very good advice!


I found an aluminum Tommy's Trailer with an 8' high door. 


Now, if I could find someone who needs the prototype Stanley Steam Car for 1925, built in 1924 and driven by Fred Marriott.  Yes, we have it and it is for sale!


Very best wishes!


Don Hoke

The Virtual Stream Car Museum.

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